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What SekaiBox benefits you


Securing the depth and diversity of insights

Leveraging our vast network with outstanding VC firms and media outlets in each market, we'll keep you updated with the latest startup trends from every corner of the world. Through the eyes of our trusted partners, we also give you a sneak peek into renowned tech conferences you are missing.

Keeping you updated with our best proposals

Set up your preference to receive the optimal recommendations. Your repeated feedback helps us gain the accuracy of our choices for you.

Supporting all aspects from discovery to connection

The platform allows you to discover potential partners you may be interested in working with. we can conduct additional research about them and other hands-on assistance upon your request.

Geographical Focus

We are focused on higher-potential regions.

Our coverage include the following high-potential areas in the tech sector: China (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai), Taiwan, South Korea, India, Israel, Russia, and East Europe.

How to use SEKAIBOX

Set up your profile and preference.

Startups with criteria close to your preference will be listed according to your profile, preference, and feedback history.

Check out the list of startups.

Check out the list of startups and select potential partners among them.

Give us feedback, or request us additional research / connection to the startup(s) of your choice.

Request us additional research or connection to the startup(s) of your choice. Your feedback on our wrong choices would helps us align our next proposal to better fit you.

Curently accepting beta user sign-ups

Beta access to the platform is currently granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


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